There is something that differentiates us from mass producers of Iberian pork: we combine our passion for obtaining 100% organic Iberian ham and sausage with the preservation of our environment and roots. Get the best out of our heritage and traditions, respecting the land we work every day. And so, by carefully controlling each of the steps, we manage to bring the authentic and almost forgotten flavours of yesteryear to our customers’ tables. No added substances, no synthetic enhancers, no rush: just patience, nature and know-how.
We hope you enjoy our humble vision of the organic Iberian…

Sustainable Livestock, Sustainable Future

Our parents and grandparents taught us tradition and love for the lands we have worked for generations, and this was our starting point: first and foremost, we must take care of and respect our own pasture as we have always done.
And the new technologies did the rest: reforesting wasteland, avoiding the waste of water and food, introducing new cultivation and land management techniques, betting on traditional breeds and varieties, making the most of the possibilities of our land without exceeding it, maintaining its own rhythms.
We believe this is the key. Every day we see species of wild plants or animals that were thought to be lost return, we see the Mediterranean forest recovering, and we see our livestock growing. With the ancient wisdom and the possibilities of new technologies, we make these conflicting concepts of economy and nature coexist and prosper


No anabolics, hormones, additives or antibiotics are used to force growth

Sustainable livestock production

The animals rotate around the different areas of the farm to avoid overexploitation

Respect for livestock

We raise only our own cattle, do not force extra annual deliveries, and do not perform abusive techniques. We control animal welfare from the beginning

Free and unhurried

The breeding follows the natural cycle of the Iberian pig: life in freedom staying on the farm up to three times longer than conventional cattle

Natural foods only

Not just acorns in the fall. Throughout the year we have other 100% natural food sources produced on the farm: grasses, legumes, almonds, plums, wild olives...

Limited production

We don't want to overexploit our farm, that's why we only allow a production of 150 animals per year. So our products are really exclusive.

Maximum biodiversity

We help to maintain it by carrying out forestation plans, ecological management of the grass, traditional crops, maintaining spaces without human intervention, artificial habitats for fauna...

Ecological "montanera" (acorn period)

All food is 100% organic. That includes the mountain season and its precious acorns

the mountain pasture

Our family has been taking care of the organic farm “La Umbría” since 1995, dedicating ourselves entirely to improving it since then, raising incomparable livestock there. The mountain pasture is the environment where we raise our animals in freedom, and it differs from a typical pasture in several aspects:
A more abrupt orography:The cattle climb steep slopes every day and develop better physically: this results in more elaborate products, with greater infiltration and really intense and mineralized flavors unlike the classic production areas in Spain, our mountain pastures are located at an altitude of almost 1000m in mountainous landscapes with limestone soils.
Greater biodiversity in the environment:Not only oak and grass. Mediterranean forest, riverine forest, pastures or grasslands are represented on the farm, as the level of human intervention is lower. It is a more diverse and natural environment where we find a great variety of vegetation in shady areas, in sunny areas or in the depths of the streams.
The Sierra Sur of Seville: The highest region of the province and close to the Serranía de Ronda and Grazalema, the Sierra Sur is a privileged place: meadows of fresh grass, pastures with oaks and gall oaks and areas of Mediterranean scrub make up the space where our cattle are born and grow in harmony with their own nature. The mild winters and warm summers give us a changing landscape throughout the seasons of unique beauty, which we intend to help preserve for future generations.
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the breed: 100% Iberian

An adapted breed: Traveling through our farm every day from the lowest streams to the top of the hills, the selected animals take advantage of the resources that they freely find on their way. That is why our animals are of pure Iberian breed, strong and agile, with a great capacity to climb all types of terrain and enter areas of dense vegetation that make up the mountain pastures, which are more abrupt than the classic pastures.
More exercise, higher quality: All the effort made by the cattle on a daily basis translates into a better infiltration of the meats and the impregnation of the flavors of the saw in the fats. The 100% Iberian pig has by itself a great capacity for infiltration of heart-healthy fats; raised in Umbria, these fats trap the aromas of all the foods available to them: the aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary, the intense mineral flavour of fresh grass, and of course, the unmistakable taste of acorns.

Our products

Livestock farmers and producers: As integral producers of 100% organic Iberian ham and sausage, we only work with our own livestock to obtain organic Iberian pork products with an unbeatable taste. Our aim is to offer products of the highest quality instead of intensive and unsustainable production.
Highest certified quality: All our products are from organic livestock, certified by external companies: in food, animal welfare, quality standards of the Iberian pig and health.
Receive the best Iberian products at home: In our store you will find all the products that we obtain exclusively from our cattle, ready to be shipped by express courier. We work with the best parcel delivery companies in the market, so select and receive at home your organic mountain meadow iberian products to enjoy them right away.
Buy online with all guarantees: We have 100% secure payment platforms, with SSL certificate to avoid any kind of problem. You can also use different methods to get your favorite product.