We are unconventional

Not really, we’re not conventional producers. There is something that differentiates us from the mass producers of Iberian pork: we want to combine the passion for obtaining 100% organic Iberian ham and sausage and the conservation of our environment and our roots. Get the best out of our heritage and traditions, respecting the land we work every day.

And so, by carefully controlling each of the steps, we manage to bring the authentic and almost forgotten flavours of yesteryear to our customers’ tables. No added substances, no synthetic enhancers, no rush: just patience, nature and know-how.

We hope you enjoy our humble vision of the organic Iberian…

Sustainable Livestock, Sustainable Future

Is it possible to protect the environment and develop economic activity at the same time? They seem to be opposing concepts, but in La Umbría we believe that it is possible. But how to do it?

Our parents and grandparents taught us tradition and love for the lands we have worked for generations, and this was our starting point: first and foremost, we must take care of and respect our own pasture as we have always done.

And the new technologies did the rest: reforesting wasteland, avoiding the waste of water and food, introducing new cultivation and land management techniques, betting on traditional breeds and varieties, making the most of the possibilities of our land without exceeding it, maintaining its own rhythms.

We believe this is the key. Every day we see species of wild plants or animals that were thought to be lost return, we see the Mediterranean forest recovering, and we see our livestock growing.

With the ancient wisdom and the possibilities of new technologies, we make these conflicting concepts of economy and nature coexist and prosper

Sin químicos

No se emplean anabolizantes, hormonas, aditivos ni antibióticos para forzar el crecimiento

Pastoreo sostenible

Los animales rotan por las diferentes áreas de la finca para evitar su sobreexplotación

Respeto al ganado

Criamos únicamente nuestro propio ganado, no forzamos partos anuales extra, ni realizamos técnicas abusivas. Controlamos el bienestar animal desde el principio

Libres y sin prisas

La crianza sigue el ciclo natural del cerdo ibérico: vida en libertad permaneciendo en la finca hasta el triple de tiempo que el ganado convencional

Sólo alimentos naturales

No sólo bellotas en otoño. Durante todo el año disponemos de otras fuentes de alimento 100% naturales producidas en la finca: pastos, legumbres, almendras, ciruelas, acebuchinas...

Producción limitada

No queremos sobreexplotar nuestra finca, por eso sólo permitimos una producción de 150 animales al año. Así que nuestros productos son realmente exclusivos.

Máxima biodiversidad

Ayudamos a mantenerla realizando planes de forestación, manejos ecológicos del pasto, cultivos tradicionales, manteniendo espacios sin intervención humana, habitáculos artificiales para la fauna...

Montanera ecológica

Toda la alimentación es 100% ecológica. Eso incluye la época de montanera y sus preciadas bellotas

Our farm: the mountain pasture (dehesa)

Our family has been taking care of the organic farm “La Umbría” since 1995, dedicating ourselves entirely to improving it since then, raising incomparable livestock there. Located at the highest point of the province of Seville, the Sierra Sur of Seville, close to the Serranía de Ronda and Grazalema, is a privileged place: meadows of fresh grass, pastures with holm oaks and hundred-year-old gall oaks and areas of Mediterranean mountains make up the space where our livestock is born and grows in harmony with its own nature.

Since 2017 we have been dedicated both to the breeding of organic Iberian pigs and to the transformation and distribution of our own products, always keeping in mind that our task is to take care of the whole farm and not just the cattle that live there: Why “mountain pasture”? Unlike the classic production areas in Spain, we are located at an altitude of almost 1000m in mountainous landscapes with limestone soils, where we find a great variety of vegetation either in shady areas, in sunny areas or in the depths of streams. This diversity and the strength of the livestock adapted to our land will have a joint effect: the intensity of the flavours will then be part of our products, making them truly unique.

An atypical pasture: not only holm oak and grass. Mediterranean forest, riverine forest, meadows or pastures are represented on the estate
…And from the mountains: The cattle climb great slopes every day and develop better physically: this is how you get more worked up products, with really intense and mineralised flavours

What do we produce?

As integral producers of 100% organic Iberian ham and sausage, we only work with our own livestock to obtain organic Iberian pork products of unbeatable taste. Our aim is to offer products of the highest quality instead of intensive and unsustainable production. All our products are from organic livestock, certified by external companies: in food, animal welfare, quality standards of the Iberian pig and health.

The race: 100% Iberian

Traveling through our farm every day from the lowest streams to the top of the hills, the selected animals take advantage of the resources they freely find on their way. That is why our animals are purebred Iberian, strong and agile, with a great capacity to climb all kinds of terrain and enter areas of dense vegetation that make up the mountain pasture, which is more rugged than the classic pasture All the effort made by the cattle on a daily basis results in a better infiltration of the meats and in the impregnation of the flavors of the saw in the fats. The 100% Iberian pig has by itself a great capacity for infiltration of heart-healthy fats; raised in Umbria, these fats trap the aromas of all the foods available to them: the aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary, the intense mineral flavour of fresh grass, and of course, the unmistakable taste of acorns.

About us

The organic Iberian shade is a family business. We obtained the certification of organic livestock in 1998, and since then we have been raising our livestock following two premises: quality over production and conservation of our environment. We thus control the entire production process, from the birth and breeding of the animals to the production and distribution of our products. Years of experimentation and tests guarantee our work, finally affecting the quality, taste and sustainability of our hams, sausages and meats.

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tel: +34 670 439 895

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