In the media

Various media have echoed our sustainable work in the production of Iberian pig.

Los Repobladores (Canal Sur Televisión)

Canal Sur Televisión
Saturday and Sunday, 12:10 pm

This program tries to reflect the experience of people who, after living in the city, decide to start a new life in small Andalusian municipalities.

Cómetelo (Canal Sur Televisión)

“Cómetelo” is a cooking programme for the whole family in which every day our chef Enrique Sánchez, who has extensive professional experience, proposes an original and easy-to-prepare recipe using 100% Andalusian products.
The idea of the program is to make a close tour of the different regions, cities and towns throughout Andalusia to promote knowledge, appreciation and consumption of natural and quality food products.

Iberian secret with chorizo, potatoes and eggs

What an art Enrique Sanchez has!
Using our products to elaborate this traditional, forceful recipe, but always with its personal touch that makes it even more appetizing.

Et voila!

And here concretely the part of the program presenting the farm and its mountain pasture, our philosophy of work and our magnificent environment that is Pruna.

Verde, Verde (RAI)

Verde, verde is a program of Radio Andalusia Information, belonging to the group RTVA, which addresses issues such as human action in the environment, sustainability, biodiversity, etc.

Esperanza Garcia conducts an interview in which our work philosophy, always based on the care of our environment, is accurately described and where the innovations in health and food matters that are being carried out in the farm are highlighted.

El Correo de Andalucía (Spanish newspaper)

The press echoed our work in 2018, with El Correo de Andalucía publishing a comprehensive article on ecological management, innovations in the replacement of antibiotics and medicines we use, and sustainable livestock production.

You can read the article by clicking here.

Ecological Value – Visit to the farm “La Umbría”

We were visited by several press and radio representatives, and the magazine “Valor Ecológico” (ecological value) left testimony of it in the video that we show. The images of the environment that we value so much are the frame perfect for interviews held

Canal Sur – “Este es mi pueblo”

“Este es mi pueblo” is a program of Canal Sur Televisión in which diverse characteristic aspects of several localities of Andalusia are presented. In the episode dedicated to Pruna we have an opening where the program becomes a witness of how we manage the ecological pasture and the Iberian pig’s cabin

From theminute 10′:50″ you can visualize the fragment of the program dedicated to the farm La Umbría